Amazon Music & FAC Launch Expanded Step Up Fund to Empower Independent Artists in 2023

Amazon Music and FAC

Supporting Emerging Talent: FAC & Amazon Music Unveil 2023 Step Up Fund

The Featured Artists Coalition (FAC) and Amazon Music have joined forces to unveil the highly anticipated 2023 Step Up Fund, aimed at empowering and uplifting independent artists. This year’s program boasts an expansion, with twelve exceptional artists chosen to benefit from the fund’s support, carefully selected by a panel of industry experts. The diverse lineup includes Ivor Novello Rising Star nominee Amahlia, MOBO Unsung winner Graft, and promising Reading & Leeds debutants Twst, among others.

Overcoming Financial Hurdles for Independent Artists

At the core of the Step Up Fund’s mission lies the commitment to help artists navigate the financial challenges often faced in the fiercely competitive music industry. This support aims to alleviate the burden of creative costs, enabling artists to focus on their craft and reach new heights in their careers.

Generous Grants and Valuable Benefits

The Step Up Fund provides significant grants of up to £8,000, paired with a comprehensive package of benefits. Each selected artist will receive a one-year membership to the FAC, granting them access to a network of industry professionals and invaluable resources. Additionally, a 12-month subscription to Amazon Music opens doors to a vast audience, while an Echo device enhances their music experience. To top it off, content creation opportunities provide a platform to showcase their artistic vision.

Surge in Applications Leads to Expanded Support

The Step Up Fund received an overwhelming response, with applications soaring by 35% compared to the previous year. In light of this enthusiastic participation, Amazon Music decided to extend their support from nine artists to twelve for the 2023 program. All twelve talented individuals have earned a coveted spot on the prestigious Amazon Music Breakthrough UK playlist, amplifying their exposure to a wider audience.

A Game-Changing Initiative for Aspiring Artists

David Martin, CEO of the Featured Artists Coalition, expressed his pride in supporting diverse talent and helping them thrive in the competitive music landscape. He emphasized the crucial role the FAC plays in representing the UK’s artist community and fostering a nurturing environment for growth.

Laura Lukanz, head of music UK, Australia & New Zealand at Amazon Music, expressed the company’s passion for the Step Up Fund and their commitment to supporting aspiring acts. She acknowledged the significant demand for such initiatives, reaffirming Amazon Music’s dedication to working closely with the talented artists to boost their development.

Welcoming Independent Artists: FAC and Amazon Music Criteria for Eligibility

The Step Up Fund warmly welcomes UK-based independent artists aged 18 and above, who have released a minimum of three songs within the last year. To qualify, each song should have garnered a minimum of 15,000 streams, or alternatively, one song should have reached 45,000 streams.

As the 2023 Step Up Fund takes flight, the music industry eagerly awaits the inspiring journeys these twelve artists will embark on, fueled by support, opportunities, and an unwavering passion for their craft.

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