Carly Rae Jepsen’s Musical Journey: From The Loneliest Time to The Loveliest Time

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Carly Rae Jepsen’s celebrated pop star, has recently released her seventh studio album, The Loveliest Time. To truly understand the inspiration behind this album, we need to go back to 2020, when Carly wrote an entire musical project while in isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic. This period of solitude sparked creativity and allowed her to delve into themes of loneliness, discovery, and growth, which eventually gave birth to her 2022 album, The Loneliest Time.

The Loneliest Time: An Album of Viral Hits:

The Loneliest Time, released in 2022, was filled with social media viral hits such as the album’s title track, “Western Wind,” and “Beach House.” The album served as a companion piece to Carly’s creative exploration of loneliness during isolation, providing solace to fans experiencing their own moments of isolation. Carly had always intended to view this work as a package, paving the way for her subsequent album.

Rediscovering B-Sides and Unpacking Emotions:

During her busy touring schedule in 2022, Carly took the time to revisit some B-sides that didn’t make it onto The Loneliest Time. This break provided her with a fresh perspective on these songs, leading to a renewed energy and a desire to solve certain creative challenges. These experiences laid the foundation for her latest album, The Loveliest Time, which officially debuted on July 27.

The Loveliest Time: Exploring a Fearless New Sound:

The Loveliest Time exhibits a new and experimental side of Carly Rae Jepsen’s musical prowess. While staying true to her signature bubbly and colorful personality, she fearlessly plays with unique sounds. Notably, the track “Psychedelic Switch” stands out with its rave-ready vibe, featuring an extended intro leading to a euphoric and transcendent chorus. The album reflects the positive energy of renewal and rejuvenation, symbolizing a return to music for both Carly and her audience after the challenges of the pandemic.

Embracing Vulnerability in Music:

In addition to experimenting with new sounds, The Loveliest Time sees Carly delve deeper into introspection. Songs like “Kollage” reveal her vulnerability, as she opens up about heartbreak and pain. Carly acknowledges that her audience has embraced her more profound and nuanced approach to songwriting, freeing her from the constraints of traditional pop industry expectations. She emphasizes that her music is all about sincerity, allowing her to explore various emotions and shades of gray in her creative expression.


Carly Rae Jepsen’s musical journey from The Loneliest Time to The Loveliest Time has been a tale of growth, discovery, and fearlessness. With a renewed sense of creativity and the freedom to express her emotions authentically, Carly continues to captivate her fans with her unique and dynamic sound. The Loveliest Time represents a perfect blend of experimentation and vulnerability, marking an exciting new chapter in her musical career. As she embraces the various shades of gray in her artistry, Carly Rae Jepsen continues to enchant audiences worldwide with her deliciously distinct music.

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