Chris Tomlin’s “Holy Forever” Ascends to the Top of Two Christian Airplay Charts

Chris Tomlin's

Christian music sensation Chris Tomlin is celebrating another milestone as his latest release, “Holy Forever,” secures the No. 1 position on two prominent Christian airplay charts. The song’s resounding success comes as a delightful surprise to the artist, who expresses profound gratitude for the opportunities that God has bestowed upon him.

Chris Tomlin’s Unforeseen Triumph:

“Holy Forever” has emerged as a standout track in the world of Christian music, quickly climbing the ranks on two significant charts. Tomlin’s genuine and heartfelt songwriting, coupled with his emotive vocals, has resonated deeply with audiences, propelling the song to the top spot. The artist reflects on the unexpected journey and acknowledges that he could never have imagined the remarkable doors and opportunities that God has opened for him.

Chris Tomlin’s The Power of Faith:

As a testament to his unshakable faith and unwavering commitment to his art, Chris Tomlin’s music continues to inspire and uplift listeners worldwide. Through his songs, he strives to create a profound connection with his audience, conveying messages of hope, love, and spiritual guidance.

Chris Tomlin’s A Journey of Blessings:

Throughout his career, Chris Tomlin’s music has touched the hearts of millions, earning him widespread acclaim and numerous accolades. From humble beginnings to becoming a Christian music icon, Tomlin remains humbled by the immense support and love he receives from his fans and the industry.

Looking Forward:

With the success of “Holy Forever” fueling his passion, Chris Tomlin is excitedly looking ahead to what the future holds. His expectant outlook and deep gratitude reflect his sincere belief that the journey is just beginning, and he eagerly anticipates the new avenues and opportunities that await him in the music world.


Chris Tomlin’s latest achievement of topping two Christian airplay charts with “Holy Forever” showcases his unwavering dedication to creating soul-stirring music. With a heart full of gratitude and a profound sense of faith, Tomlin’s music continues to touch lives and inspire listeners on their spiritual journeys. As he embraces the path ahead, Chris Tomlin remains a shining example of an artist whose talents and devotion resonate far beyond the world of music.

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