Dream Hampton’s Displeasure: Stic.Man’s Account of the JAY-Z & Dead Prez Remix

dream hampton not impressed with stic.man dead prez

A Retelling of Hip Hop History

Intro: Unraveling Hip Hop History: Jay Z, Dream Hampton, and Stic.Man in the Spotlight

In the vibrant world of Hip Hop, three key figures – Jay Z, Dream Hampton, and Stic.Man – find themselves entangled in a captivating tale surrounding the legendary “Hell Yeah” remix. As the genre celebrates its 50th anniversary, a recent retelling of this iconic collaboration sparks discussions, with Dream Hampton stepping forward to set the record straight on the true story behind the acclaimed remix. Let’s dive into the intriguing narrative that unfolds as these influential names converge in the heart of Hip Hop history.

Setting the Record Straight

Dream Hampton, a prominent figure in the Hip Hop community, expressed her slight dismay with stic.man’s version of events. Taking to Twitter, she clarified that the origin of the remix was not exactly as he had described it. In her own account, she shed light on the real story behind this legendary collaboration.

The True Tale Unveiled

Contrary to Stic.man’s recollection, dream Hampton revealed that she was instrumental in bringing JAY-Z and Dead Prez together for the “Hell Yeah” remix. After taking JAY-Z to see Dead Prez perform at Joe’s Pub, she played the song for him and asked if he would add a verse to it. He eagerly agreed and asked her to deliver the track to the studio. The next morning, she was thrilled to find that JAY-Z had indeed added his powerful verse to the song.

Dead prez’s Upcoming Collab Excitement

In other news, dead Prez, the renowned rap duo of M-1 and Stic.man, shared exciting news about their forthcoming album. After an 11-year hiatus, they are making a comeback with a new project featuring a collaboration with The Roots front-man, Black Thought. Fans are eagerly anticipating the release of this unique musical venture.

Dream hampton’s New Netflix Docuseries

Apart from her involvement in the Hip Hop scene, dream Hampton has announced a new Netflix docuseries titled “Ladies First: A Story of Women in Hip Hop.” As an executive producer alongside esteemed names like Troy Carter, MC Lyte, and Justin Simien, she aims to shine a light on the contributions of women in the genre and tell their powerful stories.

The world of Hip Hop continues to be a tapestry of intriguing tales and dynamic collaborations. While stic.man’s retelling of the “Hell Yeah” remix may have sparked some discussion, it is dream hampton’s commitment to preserving the truth and honoring the artists’ journey that resonates with fans and fellow industry insiders. As we eagerly await the revival of dead prez and the release of dream hampton’s docuseries, let us celebrate the rich history and the promising future of Hip Hop.

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