Fan Army Face-Off Madness: Who Will Reign Supreme? Cast Your Vote Now!

Fan Army Face-Off

Ladies and gentlemen, get ready for the ultimate showdown as Billboard’s Fan Army Face-Off enters Round 3! 🎉🎤 The battle of the biggest fan bases is heating up, and it’s time for you to determine whose devotion runs the deepest. Who will claim the coveted title of the strongest fan army? You hold the power to decide!

Since July 5, 64 artists’ fan armies have been battling it out, and the competition is fiercer than ever. On July 12, we saw 32 fan armies emerge victorious, but the real challenge has just begun. Round 2 kept us on the edge of our seats, with nail-biting match-ups that were too close to call until the very last minute on Wednesday, July 19. It’s clear that each fan base is fighting tooth and nail to propel their beloved artists to victory!

Now, with Round 3 in full swing, the stakes are higher, and the tension is palpable. These 16 fan armies have earned their spot in the next phase of the competition, and they’re ready to show the world the true power of their love and dedication. But the journey doesn’t end here – Round 3 runs until July 26, closing at noon ET, before we plunge into the epic Quarterfinals.

Remember last year’s electrifying face-off? Stray Kids’ STAY came out on top, clinching the glorious victory. But the past champions won’t make it easy for them this time. We’ve got iconic fan armies from pop, hip-hop, K-pop, country, R&B, rock, dance, and beyond vying for the title. Whether they are music legends with decades of impact or fresh faces setting bold new trends, these artists have all topped the Billboard Hot 100 and graced the pages of Billboard magazine.

It’s time to rally your troops, dear music enthusiasts! Head over to the 2023 Fan Army Face-Off below, and cast your votes for your favorite artist. Let’s show the world the unwavering support and passion that only true fans can bring! 🔥🌟

So, who will be crowned the ultimate champion this year? It’s up to you to decide, and the clock is ticking. May the best fan army win! Let the voting frenzy begin! 💪😎

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