Lizzo’s Enchanting Adventure: Playing “Concerning Hobbits”

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Multi-talented Artist Lizzo Dons Legolas Attire to Mesmerize Hobbiton with Her Recorder Skills and Playful Spirit

When in Hobbiton, it’s best you act the part. This might explain why Lizzo dressed up like Legolas — Lizzolas, if you’re nasty — to play the “Concerning Hobbits” theme from the series of Peter Jackson movies in a video shared on Thursday (July 27).

Setting aside her trusty flute to bust out the haunting tune on the recorder, Lizzo played the Howard Shore-penned song from The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Rings soundtrack song during a visit to the Matamata film set in Auckland, New Zealand while in town for a show on Wednesday at Spark Arena. And she did it while going full method, rocking a long blonde wig, protruding ears and a green fringed outfit that helped her blend into the lush local vegetation.

It was actually the second time she played the tune on her recorder. In an earlier Instagram video, she played it while modelling purple eyeshadow and matching nails, writing, “Give me an instrument and imma play it.”

That original clip got a heart from J Balvin, but more importantly, Legolas’ fiancé, Katy Perry, had a stern warning for her sweetie after watching Lizzo light up the shire, “@orlandobloom comin fer yer job.” Similarly, Sam Smith commented, “I AM SCREAMING” and all Grimes could say was “Omg.”

In another post, Lizzo posed in front of a Hobbit hole and joked about” house hunting” while checking out the local real (small) estate with boyfriend Myke Wright. In the same series, she takes a stroll through the shire, breathless at its verdant beauty, throwing up hands while making Legolas look hobbiton hard and posing in the doorway and the living room of a tricked-out hole.

Check out both videos and the Hobbiton real estate tour below.

Lizzo’s playful and creative spirit shone through her visit to Hobbiton, bringing joy to fans and fellow celebrities alike. Her unique blend of talent and humour continues to captivate audiences worldwide, proving once again that she’s a force to be reckoned with in both the music and fantasy realms.

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